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Simon G is one of the top jewelry designers in America. His attention to detail, quality and design is exquisite. He specializes in bridal, colored stones and fashion jewelry in both platinum and 18Kt gold. All the diamonds used in Simon G jewelry contain stones graded according to the strictest GIA standards of G or better in color, and VS-2 or better in clarity.  Click on photo to explore their web site.


Zeghani by Simon G

Welcome, my name is Zaven Ghanimian and I am the founder, head designer, and CEO of Zeghani.   In 2008, my brother, Hratch Ghanimian, and I established Zeghani in Los Angeles, California. Our single mission in establishing our brand has been to design and create high quality bridal and fashion jewelry.

What makes Zeghani jewelry one of a kind is its attention to detail and quality. All Zeghani pieces are designed and created in 14K gold, making them more affordable without compromising the beautiful design and the craftsmanship. Zeghani  has a wide range of bridal, diamond fashion and colored stone fashion jewelry.


Camelot rings are designed and made in the USA to critical quality standards. The rings are warranted against any imperfection in design or workmanship.  All Camelot diamond rings contain stones graded according to the strictest GIA standards.

Camelot offers rings in 14kt, 18kt, 24kt, 18k & Platinum, and Platinum.  Most Camelot rings are die struck which produces crisp depth and durability.
Most Camelot two-tone rings are multi-piece rings and not one-piece rings so that the ring will retain their two-tone appearance for a lifetime.

Explore the choices that are available to you by clicking on the photo.


The Sylvie Bridal Collection is a celebration of femininity and romance. It is timeless, with modern sensibilities and, because beauty should have no boundaries, it is also designed to create a new standard for affordable luxury. The Collection is organized into style categories that each represent a specific facet of love, such as tenderness, passion, eternity, and union.


Stuller settings and finished jewelery, specializing in platinum, 14KT, and 18Kt gold engagement rings and wedding bands. They also carry the Contempory Metals such as Toungsten, Titanium, Cobalt and Ceramic.